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Meet the “Q” of Q Sartorial

Owner/Founder Alyson Araque wearing a Made to Fit super 130’s suit

Founded by fashion industry and tailored clothing veteran, Alyson Araque (Q was her nickname growing up), whose career spans 16 years of buying experience with the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, HomeGoods and Equinox, Araque oversaw multiple categories in mens, women’s and luxury lifestyle/home. Most notably, it was her 7 year tenure in menswear that gave her a master class in tailored clothing, having worked closely with the tailoring houses of Kiton, ISAIA, Canali, Zegna and more.

“I simply fell in love with the artisanship of suits during my time in menswear. No detail was overlooked; the lapels, pockets, interiors of pants, and fabrics were all thoughtfully included.”

While details would become an important foundation of the Q Sartorial product development, it was the actual shopping experience and the elevated service being offered to men, that opened her eyes to a void in the women’s market. Women tend to settle for clothing that “kind of fits” while tailoring is a customary expectation in the men’s retail. 

“Women’s bodies are complicated, ever changing, and come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes.  Tailoring, alterations, and custom fit product should be an expectation in the women’s industry.”

Q Sartorial was built on a foundation of 3 key focuses; fabric, fit, and experience. Our concept goes back to basics with experiential retail being about providing exceptional customer service and best in class product for those who want more from their professional wardrobe.