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Fit Guide

There are 2 ways to get the perfect fit for your Q Sartorial purchase.

Our Ready to Wear items and Semi-Custom fit are available in sizes A-M (closely correlates to numeric sizes 0-24).  Follow the key measurements below to determine your size.  We want this to be about how you feel in the garment...not the size on the tag! 

For Our Made to Fit selection, use our 3D Body Scan.  Upon purchase, we will email you the link to complete the body scan.  Want to try the body scan before purchase?  Email us at


Select the style and fabrics of your choice from our Made to Fit and Semi Custom Fit offering, and then select “Get Measured”

Answer 3 initial questions before receiving the link or QR code to get started.  

Follow the guidelines and instructions to properly position your phone to take the best 2 photos.

Once your 2 photos are complete, your individual avatar will be created. Q Sartorial will never receive or see the uploaded photos.  They are immediately deleted and replaced with the avatar.  

When your measurements and avatar are complete, you will come back to the Q Sartorial site to continue with your purchase.  Your measurements are sent directly to the Q Sartorial team only.